Credit Card Machines

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The Best Credit Card Machines for Payment Processing

There are many credit card processing terminals from desktop terminals to mobile swipers. Each has their own strengths. Selecting a terminal that has features your business needs is essential to getting the most out of your payment processing. The sections below will help you pick the right machine for your business.

Traditional Desktop EMV Credit Card Machines

Countertop credit card swipers give the ability to process all card payment options within your business. These units are connected via ethernet or phone line and have the ability to add on pin pads required for pin debit transactions.

PAX A920

The PAX A920 is the most beautiful touch-screen credit card terminal on the market. It comes with the speed and processing power of a high-end smartphone but in a cutting edge credit card machine. A few features: High def touch screen, high capacity 5250mAH Battery, built-in thermal printer, and connects to the PAXSTORE!



With a stunning 4″ HD touchscreen display, built-in camera, fast thermal printer and optional battery pack. The Pax A80 is the workhorse of the industry. Perfect for countertops or mobile use!

Stay connected with multiple options including 3G, WiFi, Dial, or Ethernet.


VeriFone VX520

Process any debit or credit card with speed on this high tech, easy-to-use terminal featuring both swipe and EMV chip processing. Lightning-fast processor and ethernet connection supercharge processing speed. Increase customer satisfaction with the fast and simple payment experience delivered by the VeriFone VX520.


Ingenico iCT250

Get high security and modern color display all in a lightweight form factor. Choose to connect through an ethernet port or phone line. Process using swipe or EMV chip. Large backlit keys make for an accurate and enjoyable user experience with the Ingenico iCT250. Connect a pin pad for processing pin debit transactions.


Ingenico iCT220

This unit boasts high security and lightweight form factor. Choose to connect through ethernet port or phone line. Process with swipe or EMV chip. Large backlit keys make for an accurate and enjoyable user experience with the Ingenico iCT220. Connect a pin pad for processing pin debit transactions.


Dejavoo Z8

With multiple connection options, the Z8 boasts a simple plug and play style. With a backlit LCD screen, built-in printer, and function keys it’s perfect for any small to mid-sized business.

Start accepting EMV chip cards and NFC (contactless payments) with ease.


Dejavoo Z9

The perfect solution for a sit-down restaurant or an electrician on the move. The Incredibly versatile Z9 has got you covered. No WiFi connection available? use the 3G GPRS network. Or connect via Wifi and save on data usage.


Mobile and Wireless Credit Card Machines

Take these machines on the go and do business anywhere with a wireless connection. Don’t let anything hold you back! Take to the streets! Built-in printers make it easy to process on the go. Connect through GPRS, Bluetooth, wifi, and/or mobile data.

Ingenico iWL250 / iWL255

Process any debit or credit cards on the go with on this fast mobile credit card machine. Designed to for 3G connectivity this mobile swiper is highly reliable. process both swipe and EMV chip. Increase customer satisfaction with the fast and simple payment experience delivered on the go by the Ingenico iWL250 / iWL255.


SwipeSimple Mobile EMV Processing

Enjoy a complete mobile processing solution that includes POS, EMV mobile swiper, NFC acceptance for Apple Pay and Android Pay, and much more!


Vital C3 Card Reader

Cost-effective card reader for on the go mag-stripe and EMV payments. Connect via Bluetooth to your mobile phone or tablet for quick, easy, and secure processing.


Vital C4 Card Reader

Flexible and convenient Bluetooth card reader. Accepts EMV, mag-stripe and NFC/contactless payments from most digital wallets. Easy and quick set up process, perfect for mobile vendors.


Rambler 3.0 Mobile Swiper

This highly versatile and durable mobile swiper works with any smartphone or tablet. Easy to use. Simply plug it into the headphone jack of your mobile device and open the ProcessNow app! Have the power to accept payment anywhere.


PIN Pads

These customer-facing pin pads allow the customer to swipe their own card as well as provide their PIN that is required for PIN debit transactions. Add a higher level of customer satisfaction and open your business to processing PIN debit transactions with these low-cost add-on PIN pads.

VeriFone VX805

The VeriFone VX805 is a state of the art and easy to use PIN pad that integrates with the VeriFone VX520 or your point of sale system enabling you to accept debit card transactions.


Ingenico iPP310

The Ingenico iPP310 Pin pad integrates with the Ingenico iCT220 and iCT250 or your point of sale system and allows the customer to run their own card and input their PIN for debit card transactions.


Ingenico iPP320

For customers and merchants, iPP320 is quick and easy to use, streamlines payment, and improves overall customer experience. Accept magstripe, Chip & PIN, and mobile/NFC, is EMV and PCI PTS V3 certified.


PAX S300

Lightweight, stylish design with a large 3.5″ color LCD touch screen and loudspeaker. The PAX S300 offers high levels of security including PCI PTS 3.x and SRED. A perfect solution for retail stores and restaurants!


Dejavoo Z3

The Dejavoo Z3 PIN pad payment device will accept EMV and has built-in NFC Contactless reader. Interface with iOS, Androids, PC POS systems a perfect solution for e-commerce.


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